Credit Card Link To UPI 2023

Credit Card Link To UPI 2023: It is very easy to Link a Credit Card to UPI

Credit Card Link To UPI 2023: If you have a credit card and you want to link that credit card with UPI, then this information is especially for you.

In this, we will know how to link credit with UPI in an easy way. And what are the Benefits of Linking Credit Cards with UPI? So stay with this information.

By the way, you can link your credit card with UPI in just 5 minutes by reading this post completely, but you should also know the information we have given in this post so that your credit card does not become a problem for you in the future. Go. So read this information carefully. Thank you

Credit Card Link To UPI – It was a long time ago that the Reserve Bank had discussed linking credit cards with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) so that the general public can get rid of the hassle of making payments and they can do that without any hassle. To be able to pay at all times of the problem.

If we talk about the present, then UPI allows doing transactions by linking the account of the debit card of the user. And due to this, now RBI has allowed all types of payment by credit card using UPI.

That’s why RBI says that you must link your credit card with UPI. So that by avoiding problems in the future, one can avail of the benefits of every type of offer.

Credit Card Link To UPI 2023
Credit Card Link To UPI 2023

RBI Governor said…

Change helps the progress of everything to emerge, as it provides more and more options whenever a new system is implemented. For this reason, it will be easy to make all kinds of payments by linking the credit card to UPI.

The RBI governor said that this option would be first on the RuPay credit card issued by the RBI-backed National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) will be enabled.

According to RBI, the interoperability of Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) has made it very easy to use the UPI payment system to do any kind of transaction with (PPIs). The RBI governor later said that UPI had done transactions worth about Rs 594.63 crore in the month of May, and that totaled to around Rs 10,40,000 crore.

UPI Says Unaccounted Spending

Through a study by Macquarie, Business Insider states that as of March 2022, there were a total of 74 million credit cards available in the country. But as of today, there are many more debit cards than credit cards, which number is close to about 92 crores.

If it comes to unaccounted expenses, then credit cards are much more expensive than debit cards. If seen, in the month of March, where there were transactions worth Rs 1,07,000 crore from credit cards. In the month of March, the credit card stood at Rs 91,500 crore.

UPI has created a great record leaving behind credit cards and debit cards. And in the same month of March, there was a transaction of about Rs 9,60,582 crore through UPI. And if we talk about credit/debit then this number is much higher than both cards.

Now the thinking is that if both the credit card and UPI are linked to each other, then the number of transactions will increase by how many times. And those who take credit cards and keep them in similar homes will also know the importance of credit cards.

Benefits of Linking UPI to Credit Card
Benefits of Linking UPI to Credit Card

Benefits of Linking UPI to Credit Card

The advantages of linking UPI with a credit card are many, the biggest advantage of UPI is that it makes UPI payment widely accepted all over the country. And for this reason, every business can now accept any type of payment with a QR CODE or registered mobile number, Alkin credit card only requires a POS (Point of Sale) terminal.

Now to go into detail by linking the credit card with UPI, these benefits will be there.

  1.  After linking the credit card with UPI, you will get another option for payment
  2. You can remit the amount you have in the bank using UPI only, but you can easily use your credit card limit for UPI payments when the Credit Card is Linked to UPI.
  3. If you make any payment with your credit card today, then you get 45-51 days to pay with the credit card, that too without interest.
  4. After the UPI link of your own credit card, all types of digital payments will expand in the country. And this will help the country’s payment network to move forward.
  5. According to the information, the initiative to link the credit card with UPI will be done first with the Rupay card.
  6. The linking of the Rupay credit card to the UPI network will give a big boost to UPI in almost all areas.
Credit Card Link To UPI 2023
Credit Card Link To UPI 2023

How To Link a Credit Card To UPI?

  • First of all, you must have a credit card from any bank.
  • After that, you have to navigate to the payment or UPI app which you are still using.
  • After this, you choose your profile picture.
  • Now navigate to the Payment Methods section of your credit card.
  • Then click OK on the drop-down menu and select “Add Credit/Debit Card”.
  • Now enter your credit card “CVV and Cardholder’s name” inside it.
  • After filling complete, you will see the save button below, do OK on it.

After this, your credit card will be linked to UPI immediately. After some time you can use it. – Credit Card Latest News 2023

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